We cannot change what has happened but, can adjust to always reach the destination.

Are you having difficulty coping with stress due to tragedies, setbacks, and failures in life?

After reading this article, you will be better equipped with the right strategies to cope with hard times in life.

What is Resilience?


I love sugar, do you? We all know –sugar! An essential part of our daily life. We consume it daily. There are two types of sugar –Artificial sugar and Natural sugar. Artificial sugar is in most processed foods, and natural sugar is everywhere –fruits, vegetables, flour, etc. We all love…

Don’t have time for GYM?

Do you want to grow strong, healthy muscles without straining them?

This article will share the most uncomplicated and safe stretches that anyone can start as a beginner.

Exercise is not just for bodybuilders. Your body is meant to move. …

You don't know this ? do you ?

Self-confidence and Self-Esteem are often fused together but, there are hair-splitting differences.

At a glance :

Both self-confidence and self-esteem are your perceptions. Perception means your point of view about something. How you see something and respond to that is what makes your perception.

Self-confidence is…

Are you confident about your goals?

Are you confident about your abilities to start what you want to do?

In this article, I will give you practical tips on how to be confident in your work.

First, let us recap about self-confidence…

What is Self Confidence?

Self-Confidence means to trust yourself. Having enough belief…

🙏 Please Don’t read this article! If you are not one of these 👇

✅ People who dare to envision dreams in life.

✅ People willing to change their lives.

✅ People who want to live full fledge.

✅ People who have negative people around them.

✅ People who are…

Life is changing fast, and maybe it is frustrating for you to keep up with the latest trends, to continue learning new things, and grow yourself at the workplace and overall?

Don’t you know where to start right? Most people talk about acquiring skills like digital skills, soft skills, communication…

Motivation…Motivation…Motivation…You hear this word a lot …You also have it. Let me rephrase it. We all have it. That sounds great. But what is this? Is it a big deal? If it’s not, then why do we all struggle with it?

Read on to learn about motivation and start fulfilling…

Are you also a victim of Adult Acne? Nearly everyone in their adolescence or teens faces Skin Acne and wants to get rid of this. But Acne is not just a matter of adolescence or teenage. It can occur at any age and upsets you. It’s imperative to control this…

Passion refers to some strong emotion. It can be love or hate. But in this article, I am relating it to your career, the work you do. More specifically how you discover it.

Are you busy discovering your passion or worried about it? Well in my opinion you can’t just…


I write about self-development because i just love it. I am growing everyday and love to help people out there who are struggling in this area.

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