Best Stretching for Beginners

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Don’t have time for GYM?

Do you want to grow strong, healthy muscles without straining them?

This article will share the most uncomplicated and safe stretches that anyone can start as a beginner.

Exercise is not just for bodybuilders. Your body is meant to move. Daily physical activity is essential if you want to stay focused and active in your work.

Before we move on

Why Should You Start with Stretching?

1. Best Exercise for muscle strength

2. It helps to stay active

3. It needs a lot less place to start

4. No gym requirement

5. No equipment required

6. Less time you need to spare and Easily incorporate in your busy, messy life.

7. It prepares you for a high-level workout also.

Most people start their training routine with high-intensity moves.

High-intensity dance workouts are more appealing, But they are often linked with high risks of injury. People often get injured, damage their muscles, and then not able to continue.

It is evident that when you exercise, you feel pain in your body in the beginning. That pain should be good, not bad pain. By bad pain I mean, pain that leads to strained muscles.

Strained muscles keep you from a consistent workout. Instead of healthy and active life, you get into trouble.

That should not happen.

Exercise yield results only with consistency.

Then how can you prevent your muscles from damaging and follow a comfortable stretching routine?

First, understand:

There are two types of stretches depending upon workout intensity.

1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

2. LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training)


HIIT is high-intensity training in which you work out for a short period — 20, 30 sec and then take a break for the next interval and recover slowly. In HIIT, because you do your moves fast with high intensity, it burns more calories, and you can get most of your workout in a shorter span.

Examples of HIIT are burpees, rope skipping, jumping squats, etc.


LIIT is low-intensity training in which you train in combatively lengthy intervals, go more slowly, and hold there to build endurance.

Examples of LIIT are planks, yoga postures, etc.

Where to start?

As a beginner, always start with LIIT because it has less prospect of injury.

Additionally, LIIT is best to practice endurance because you focus more on your proper posture. Intervals are lengthened than in HIIT.

Overall, it helps to stretch your body muscles beyond the normal length slowly. You can train your muscles without straining them.

As a beginner, focus on opening your tight body muscles, tissues, legs, etc., through LIIT.

Once your body is ready, then move on towards HIIT.

Time to Jump Into Stretches!

Don’t worry. The above textual part about stretches is to give you an understanding of stretching as a beginner. I understand. The textual part is sometimes overwhelming.

Spare 5 minutes and Check out the video below and see how you can perform the stretches. Choose those that suit you.

NOTE: This video is about splits, but it has all the stretches you need as a beginner.

On a Final Note:

We always look for an easy hack. The above Stretches only require you a few bucks of minutes. Start your keep-fit session with minimum effort.

Before You Go :

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Keep Stretching.

Stretching Vectors by Vecteezy

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I am Student and like to read and write on personal development and anything that improves life. I love to contribute to the writing world.

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I am Student and like to read and write on personal development and anything that improves life. I love to contribute to the writing world.

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