How Sugar Is Turning You Into An Addict Silently…

I love sugar, do you? We all know –sugar! An essential part of our daily life. We consume it daily. There are two types of sugar –Artificial sugar and Natural sugar. Artificial sugar is in most processed foods, and natural sugar is everywhere –fruits, vegetables, flour, etc. We all love sugar but do you know there’s a dark side of sugar for health? Yes, it is true! It is not good from any angle. Natural sugar intake is acceptable because we cannot avoid it entirely. It’s everywhere, but processed sugar affects our health negatively. It would be best if you cut down on it from today. Don’t worry, As sugar is not an essential nutrient for our body survival, we will not lose much on considering its dark side…

How is sugar negatively impacting your daily life you don’t even know? I m dividing this discussion into three points.

  1. It turns you into an addict
  2. Less control over hunger
  3. Drains your energy

So let’s get started 🤗👇

It turns you into an addict

You probably notice that whenever we eat something sweet, we enjoy it. Does our brain want it? How? Our brain has a rewarding system that triggers every time we enjoy something or feel happy within. This system releases a chemical called dopamine; due to this release, we feel pleasure. Now hold on; it’s not just a simple theory! There is an associated concept with this called neuroplasticity which also gets activated during this process. In simple words, This is how our brain can sense the patterns we are experiencing daily, and it gets reorganized in that way, Saves that pattern; guessing that it worths it. Now when we consume sugar daily, we feel happy. Dopamine releases every day, and after some time, we become habitual of this pleasure. We can’t live without it; our brain wants more and more every day, just like alcohol, smokers, and other addictions. Once our brain saves this, It’s hard to reorganize them; by hard means, you will need more effort to reorganize patterns because neuroplasticity takes time. It’s not a night game.

Less control over hunger

High consumption of sugar daily increases your hunger rates. You would have less control over it, and as a result, you will be overeating, leading to weight gain health problems. Most of the things we eat contain fructose — also called fruit sugar — This is natural sugar in most natural foods, fruits but can be added sugar when found in processed foods. Fructose levels up the hunger hormones and decrease levels of appetite-suppressing hormones. It doesn’t stop here; It is natural that when a person has less control over his hunger, He will be more arrogant, having less control over behavior, and easily provoked.

Drains your energy

If you are eating sugary stuff to boost your energy, then stop! According to one study, sugar does not add to your energy levels; instead, it drains your energy, making you feel tired. After a trap boost of some minutes, you will feel lethargy, down. It works like a birthday candle whose flame lasts for some time only and after that melts. So sugar traps you by giving you an instant spike and then crashes your energy levels.


Summing up, everything is fine if used in moderation. Excess of everything is terrible, even if it’s a good habit. We cannot avoid sugar entirely because our body naturally needs some amount, but it should not be addictive. Give a Treat to your body and let the brain feel happy and pleasing; No one is stopping you! But know the difference between pleasure and instant gratification. Don’t let yourself fall into instant gratification. The first step towards improvement is awareness- Now you know the adverse effects of sugar intake on your body. Congrats! You top off the first step.😃

Once you are determined and want your body to support you throughout your life, you will get over it after some effort and time.

And Don’t Worry. I will be reminding you again and again about what is good for your health and what is not. Until you get over these bad habits😉, stay Connected .

I write about self-development because i just love it. I am growing everyday and love to help people out there who are struggling in this area.