What Causes Adult Acne and how to manage it?

Are you also a victim of Adult Acne? Nearly everyone in their adolescence or teens faces Skin Acne and wants to get rid of this. But Acne is not just a matter of adolescence or teenage. It can occur at any age and upsets you. It’s imperative to control this because it lowers your self-esteem, and you often feel down, especially at family events or parties. You cannot get rid of this overnight or fight with this, but Following some good practices will help you control this.

What is Acne?

Acne is not a disease. It is a skin condition. It mainly occurs when your hair follicles get blocked by clogged pores. Pores are tiny openings on our skin that release sweat and natural body oil. Instead of shredding out, our dead cells remain on our skin, our pores get clogged, leading to Acne.

What Causes Adult Acne?

Many factors contribute to acne breakouts. Some of them are direct, and others are indirectly linked.

1. Skin inflammation

2. Bacteria on your skin

3. Excess oil production

4. Dry skin conditions

5. Clogged Pores on your skin

  1. Unhealthy diet intake

2. Stress levels

3. Use of skin products

4. Un proper sleep cycles

5. Facial hair removing

6. Ignoring personal hygiene

a. Hands hygiene

b. Toilet hygiene

c. Shower hygiene

d. Clothes hygiene

e. Pillow and your bed hygiene


There is no determined treatment for skin acne. It depends on what type of Acne you have. But here are some best practices that can help you cope with mild to moderate Acne. I am dividing these into three categories.

1. Skincare routine

2. Diet

3. Dermatologist consultancy

Skincare Routine:

Not a wonder. A good skincare routine will help you control your Acne to a great level. Follow these practices to take care of your skin

1. Please Don’t touch your hands first; believe me, they are not safe. They can transfer bacteria onto your skin which contributes to more acne breakouts.

2. Please don’t wash your face harshly or rub it with a harsh cloth or towel. It can worsen your Acne.

3. Use some good anti-acne face wash twice a day. But before using any facewash, make sure you know your skin type; otherwise, it may go opposite in effect.

4. Use moisturizer after face wash, and don’t let your skin dry after wash.


You are what you eat- a famous phrase we all know. Diet plays a vital role in your health. Ensure you are not taking pollution in your body (ok, it may sound weird, but I call an unhealthy diet –pollution in the body). Follow these practices and have a healthy diet.

1. Avoid excess junk food. These foods contain extra oil and impurities, which eventually affect your skin outlook.

2. Avoid foods rich in spices and salt. These have a direct impact on your stomach and liver, and eventually, it comes out on your skin in the form of Acne. Our stomach has a direct relation with our face.

3. Avoid sugary drinks (Cold drinks, tea, and coffee). There’s nothing wrong with having tea or coffee but try to have less sugar or no sugar. Avoid using table sugar.

4. Our body is approximately 70 % water. So ensure that your body is hydrated. It’s good to have water, especially after an hour of a meal. It helps in digesting the food properly. And if you can digest what you have eaten, it adds to your health.

5. Add more fruits and veggies to your meals. Try to have salad in the daytime.

6. Have a bowl of yoghurt. If not daily, then at least 3–4 times a week. Yoghurt keeps you hydrated, avoids stomach burns, and soothes your stomach. Once your belly is at peace, it will have a positive, healthy effect on your skin as well.

Dermatologist Consultancy:

The tips, as mentioned earlier and practices, are only for mild to moderate acne conditions. If nothing clears your Acne, stop overdoing the DIYs. It’s time to seek medical consultancy. Let Dermatologist have a look on what’s the main reason behind your Acne. Most Dermatologist starts first by analyzing the type of Acne you are having, what you have tried to stop it, and suggests some medical creams to handle it for the short term mostly. Products by them may be a little pricey, but they are more impactful, and I think it’s beautiful to invest in your body. If clearing acne adds to your appearance, boosts your confidence, and gets you out of this upsetness, then why not go the extra mile and spend a little more😉.

I write about self-development because i just love it. I am growing everyday and love to help people out there who are struggling in this area.